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Oxygen 3.5 Available now!

04/04/2019 | General

We released our new Oxygen Software Version 3.5 with many new features. Update for FREE today*!

In this short article, we will introduce the new features and functions, which increase the range of application and enables you to get your things done.

Oxygen Net meets GPS/IRIG/PTP Synchronisation

We moved on with the development of Oxygen Net and unleashed the measurement system from its wires. We support now the synchronisation of several Nodes, not only via our TRION-SYNC-BUS, but also via GPS/IRIG or PTP. This enables the use of Oxygen in almost every use case, where distributed, but simultaneous measurements are necessary. If mobile or wide distance application, with Oxygen 3.5 nearly everything is possible now with a maximum of comfort. Your success is just a few clicks away, no complicated settings or workarounds anymore.

This feature requires a separate License Option. If you already have a License for Oxygen Net, these new features are included, if not, please ask your account manager for OXY-OPT-NET.


Good news for all users, which are waiting for this Feature. We are completing our testbed interfaces with a new option 鈥 CAN-OUT. This enables you, to send any measurement data cyclically via CAN to your host system. You can individually set any CAN message to be received or transmitted by the measurement device with its own frequency. Just load your CAN database, switch the desired messages to 鈥淭ransmit鈥 and assign Oxygen Channels with the usual Drag鈥檔鈥橠rop to the right CAN Signals, it is just that easy. The message cycle frequency can be set up to 100 Hz, this means, you get a new message every 10 ms. To improve the behaviour, we also implemented a tuning parameter to intentionally delay each message, to meet your requirements according to speed and quality.


This feature requires a separate License Option. Please ask your account manager for OXY-OPT-CAN-OUT.

Power Analyzer 鈥 additional calculation method

All users of our power analyzers appreciate the precision of the gapless cycle-by-cycle calculation, but sometimes that too is not good enough. Therefore, we introduced the 鈥淩olling Calculation鈥 Feature, which enables you, to get Voltage & Current RMS as well as Power Values with a resolution of 1ms. This method can be used within 50 or 60 Hz power grid systems to analyze fast transitions and power failures as required by some standards like 61400-21 or FGW-TR3. The calculation window is exact the size of the actual fundamental cycle period, which is very important to get a stable reading even while frequency is changing. This is the big advantage to other simpler methods, which are using fixed window evaluation.


See Oxygen Power Techref for more information.

This feature requires a separate License Option. Please ask your account manager for OXY-OPT-POWER-EXP.

Birds Eye 鈥 Arc Element

Our Birds Eye Extension in Oxygen is now capable of designing not only linear paths but also segments of a circle. This track elements can be used for constant radius curves in order to perform special tests for headlight evaluation. These tests are usually done with these special shaped curves in two different radii and directions.

This feature requires a separate License Option. If you already have a License for Birds Eye, these new features are included, if not, please ask your account manager for OXY-OPT-BIRDSEYE.

New Hardware Support

  • Support of our brand new TRION-X-CB-16-D expansion for the TRION-1600/1802-dLV series. It also includes the detection of the MSI-Adapter which can be used additionally.
  • Integration of our new masterpiece, the TRION3-1850-MULTI-8 and its siblings. With this board, new features got introduced, like the user selectable Highpass-Filter, freely adjustable bridge shunt resistor and a lead wire compensation for quarter bridge applications.

Additional Improvements

  • Simply start from scratch 鈥 Reset to defaults button for a fresh configuration of your setup
  • Autostart measurement 鈥 Automatically start the measurement after loading a measurement setup. This is useful in the case of a power failure during measurement, to continue afterwards
  • CAN Timestamp method is now selectable 鈥 Adjust the Timebase to the analog samplingrate or choose the highest possible resolution
  • Faster reading with the new dmdReader 鈥 We changed the method of reading asynchronous data (like CAN) to be much more performant

We hope, you like our new features, please follow us at LinkedIn

Get Oxygen 3.5 now!

* update is free for users with license option Oxygen 3.x

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