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Oxygen 3.6 Out Now!

28/06/2019 | General

Vector CAN(-FD), Swept-Sine Analysis, Psophometric Analysis, FGW-TG3 or IEC 61400-21 are terms you are familiar with?
Have a quick look into our new features!

Just at the beginning of this great summer, we released a new version of our measurement app Oxygen 3.6. There are many improvements and new features available, which help you, to get your work done, even with a smile. We’ll share all the hard work with you and everyone is invited to try the new Oxygen version. If you love it, upgrade for Free*!

Vector鈩 CAN(-FD)

With this new Release of Oxygen, we seamlessly integrate a various number of Vector CAN(-FD) devices into your measurement app. This enables you to use common interfaces in addition to our approved TRION鈩 interface hardware within Oxygen. With this step, we also support the receiving and decoding of CAN-FD messages as well as encoding and sending of measurement data. We officially support the Vector VN1610, VN1630A and VN1640A. If you want to use another model, please let us know and we will check the compatibility.

Separate License Required

Swept-Sine Analysis

Are you interested in structure and modal analysis? Then we have the right solution for you. Together with our high precision and high density measurement hardware, we offer the best solution for swept-sine analysis in modal identification. The easy-to-use concept as well as precision results were two of our main goals when we designed this new calculation module. Just these short steps are necessary:

  1. attach the measurement channels to the main unit
  2. assign the reference channel and all the acceleration channels
  3. optionally tune the input analysis parameters
  4. start the measurement and make a run, inspect the live values
  5. stop the measurement and consider the finished bode diagram

Separate License Required

Psophometric Analysis

A second calculation module was born with Oxygen 3.6. This module allows you to turn the DEWETRON System into a Psophometer! Psophometer is an instrument that measures the perceptible noise of a telephone circuit and is used in Railway Applications to determine the influence of traction power to telecommunication circuits (EN 50121-3-1)

  • Calculates RMS values
  • with different weighting types (ITU-T O.41, flat, 鈥)

Separate License Required

Positive/Negative/Zero Sequence of Power

We were also busy with the development of new features regarding the electrical power analysis. To support your work regarding the electrical compliance tests described in FGW-TG3 and IEC 61400-21, we provide now ready to use measurement data for your reports. Particularly, we do calculate the positive/negative and zero sequence of active and reactive power regarding the FGW-TG3 Annex F and IEC 61400-21 Annex C.

Needed for tests of grid compatibility of renewable energy generators like wind turbines

  • Load drop
  • Voltage drop or swell
  • Reactive Power drop and swell
  • LVRT testing

Separate License Required

Automatic Export

We are very proud to introduce a seemingly small feature, but the automatic export has it all! This feature allows you to configure OXYGEN to export selected channels in the desired format automatically at each stop of the measurement.

Math Formula – Update

Also some of the basics got an update. There are new functions available that can be used within the Math Formula module. This time, we put the focus on measurement functions to calculate new values on conditions.

Function Description
stopwatch Measure time in seconds between start and stop condition, with optional reset condition
measdiff Measure value difference between two conditions
period Measure the period duration in seconds聽 between consecutive conditions with optional rearm level
dutycycle Measure the duty cycle (0-1) seconds聽 between consecutive conditions with optional rearm level
edge Generate positive edge on cond with optional rearm level. Can be used in formulas with no rearm level
rmin, rmax, ravg, rrms, rsum, racrms, rp2p Rolling (min, max, avg鈥) since measurement start with optional reset condition

Ethernet Receiver – now with Synchronization

The Ethernet Receiver learned to decode timestamps out of the data to synchronize the included payload to the measurement system’s time. As you know, also Ethernet packages can be delayed at the origin or during transmission.聽 When you use our Ethernet Receiver to decode UDP-packages as measurement channels, OXYGEN since version 3.6 offers the option, to interpret a sub-packet as timestamp. The supported Format is milliseconds since midnight. This allows you, to receive data from different sources with its special delays to be rearranged synchronous to each other and to the measurement system’s time base.

Additional Improvements

  • Extended compatibility of MSI-Adapters in combination with CB-16-D
  • We allow now the simultaneous usage of XCP and SCPI
  • SCPI Update: Gather Channel Information and add Marker (see Manual)
  • Recorder Instruments automatically links the time axis to directly adjacent other recorder
  • Improved Channel List arrangement

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Get Oxygen 3.6 now!

* update is free for users with license option Oxygen 3.x

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