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Powerful data acquisition software OXYGEN

One data acquisition software for all measurement tasks.

Our software OXYGEN ensures synchronous data acquisition from a vast variety of different data sources, where all measurement data is displayed live while being stored time-synchronously. Therefore, OXYGEN is the perfect tool for managing enormous data volumes.



  • Synchronous data acquisition of any sensor
  • Highest performance, gap-free acquisitions speed up to 305 MB/s (= 160 MS/s)
  • Pioneering multi-touch gesture based operation in measurement technology
  • Totally customizable instrument screens, even during recording
  • DejaView – Look back in time while still recording
  • Power calculation with the Power option
mobile data acquisition system DEWE2-A4

OXYGEN release 3.3 – truly Network your instruments


Network support, optimized channel setup for high channel count applications, rosette calculation, spectrogram, snapshot trigger, Excel export.

For OXYGEN 3.x owners this update is free of charge.

Major release oxygen 3.0 – a ton of new features

Integrated reporting, multi-file storing, enhanced online and offline (in analysis) math, additional data exports (Matlab, MDF4), advanced counter features, GPS and other additional hardware support.

The upgrade from lower versions to version 3 is subject to charge.

DejaView – looking back in time while still recording

DejaView allows you to view all data from the past during storing – since the start of the recording – and is especially useful for long term testing. Live data can still be seen at the same time on a different recorder, on the same or on a different screen.

From data recording/logging 鈥

Data acquisition software OXYGEN - data logger

Freely define your measurement screen(s), up to hundreds of channels. Keep track on all your data by using multiple measuring screens.
Use DejaView to analyze your data even during storing.
Do not miss any glitch by using the trigger functions.
Record any input over a long time:

  • Voltage, current
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Strain gauge
  • and many more

… via
refined data 鈥

Data acquisition software OXYGEN - engine analyzer

A multitude of highly developed instruments
increases the value of your measurements:

  • Scope
  • FFT
  • Statistic functions
  • Logic-, trigonometric Functions
  • E-Power calculation (efficiency measurement)
  • and many more

鈥 to distributed systems with multiple inputs.

Data acquisition software OXYGEN for multiple inputs - all synchronized

Use GPS/IRIG to synchronize your distributed measurement systems (e.g. in two different trains).

  • DI/DO
  • Counter
  • Video
  • CAN
  • and many more

Power calculation feature of OXYGEN

OXYGEN with Power option turns a our measurement systems into a MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER capable of analyzing system behavior, efficiency, etc.

Read more about the OXYGEN Power option

Present data & generate individual reports

There are plenty of options how to easily create your test reports. Stay within OXYGEN to print reports directly. Use your common office tools (e.g. Excel) or export to common 3rd party analysis tools.

Intuitive Multitouch gestures


Software operation is as easy as using your smartphone. On-the-fly data viewing and analysis is done by intuitive drag and zoom gestures, giving you the solution without any learning curve.

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