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Power Analyzer

Modular precision Mixed Signal Power Analyzer


DEWETRON’s Power Analyzers offer up to 16 power channels which can be optionally expanded. The number of power groups are user definable and the wiring of power groups fits all applications: 1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase, 6-phase, polyphase up to 9 phases. Our Power Analyzers have 0.0.1% basic accuracy.

NEW Power Analyzer DEWE3-PA8

The new Power Analyzers, DEWE3-PA8 are perfectly pre-configured measurement systems for polyphase measurements up to 16 power channels.

High performance power analysis and continuous waveform recording of any signal are standard features.

Power Analyzer DEWE2-PA7

Our Mixed Signal Power Analyzer DEWE2-PA7 is perfect for polyphase measurements up to 12 power channels, high performance power analysis and gapless recording of any signal.




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