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Power Calculation Feature of OXYGEN Data Acquisition Software

Power analysis software feature of OXYGEN

The Power option is the power calculation feature of OXYGEN data acquisition software. OXYGEN with Power Calculation Feature seamlessly integrates data being transmitted through multiple, totally synchronized signals into calculations for power analysis.

A DEWETRON system with OXYGEN and the Power option can do much more than any other power analyzer. One DEWETRON system is capable of both Multi Power Analysis and Mixed Signal Analysis.

OXYGEN with Power option turns a DEWETRON system into a MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER capable of analyzing system behavior, static and dynamic efficiency and losses on electric drives, engines, power converters and power electronics.

Features of OXYGEN with Power analysis software option

  • Simple power group creation by ticking the desired channels
  • Several power groups with different frequencies and variable sync sources
  • 1-9 phases for each power group
  • Preview table in details setup
  • Dedicated power instrument with overview table, vector scope and harmonics
  • Total and fundamental values of voltage, current and power
  • Fundamental frequency support from 0.2 Hz to 1500 Hz or DC
  • Gapless calculation for reliable results
  • Update rate down to 10 ms

DEWETRON Power Analyzer is the perfect solution for gapless recording of signals like:

  • Voltage, current
  • Environmental or bearing temperatures
  • Temperature of winding of motors, generators
  • Torque
  • Rotation speed
  • Vibration
  • CAN data

All signals are recorded synchronously!

Advantage of OXYGEN with Power option

  • High dynamic and accuracy
  • Fundamentals up to 1500 Hz
  • 鈥淩eal鈥 periodic values
  • Variable sync sources
  • High accuracy, wide range frequency calculation (DC 鈥 1500 Hz)

Applications for multi signal power analyzer with OXYGEN and Power option

  • Electrical motor, generator, inverter and integrated system testing
  • Start-up-test of motors and generators, even with variable frequencies (<1500 Hz)
  • Temperature test of electrical motors, generators and integrated systems
  • Efficiency testing of motor, inverters and integrated systems
  • Durability test of electrical motors, generators and integrated systems
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical motors, generators and integrated systems

Multi Power Analyzer

Power Calculation feature in OXYGEN with PA+Instrument+Vector+Scope+View

OXYGEN with Power Calculation feature turns your DEWETRON system into a Multi Power Analyzer! Power instruments can be easily arranged by drag & drop using state-of-the-art touch technology. All important values for your analysis are clearly displayed and in the right form. It is pretty simple to visualize power parameters in table views, vector scopes and harmonic charts by touching the tab.


Power Calculation Feature in OXYGEN with Power Software


OXYGEN with Power Calculation feature is the ideal software solution for testing electrical motors and drives. The Power option allows analyzing the electrical parameters (active power, reactive power, efficiency) and mechanical (rotations speed, torque) behaviour during start-up procedures and dynamic tests simultaneously.

Innovative Operating concept

Oxygen Power Setup Power

The innovative operating concept with drag & drop functionality supports you to configure channels and several power groups in an easy and fast way. OXYGEN with Power option helps you to concentrate on the essential.

Harmonic Analysis

Oxygen Power Harmonic Chart

Harmonic analysis at its best! We include all relevant harmonic/interharmonic and higher frequency parts in one chart. OXYGEN with Power option makes it easy to keep the focus on that your interested in. The simultaneous display of voltage and current makes it easy to analyse the behaviour of electrical motors, drives and other electrical components.

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